Teufel Hunden Electronics, Inc.

Teufel Hunden Electronics provides custom solutions, from our professional team to our knowledgeable affiliates and vendors, to provide our customers with systems to fit their specific needs. 
Teufel Hunden Electronics has been contracted to establish start to finish solutions in the most extreme environments down to custom software and apps. 

Our team thinks: "OUTSIDE THE WIRE."

We have options and experience to suit all your personal and professional needs.

We service and install systems for Law Enforcement, Commercial Accounts, Small Businesses,
‚ÄčMunicipal Customers, Military Facilities and Schools.

We also have options to support renters and homeowners.


               - Information Technology (IT) Support

               - Conference Room Technologies

               - Data Cabling

               - Secure Physical Data Storage


Consultation, Design, Project Management, and Training

Monitoring and Remote Support

Vehicle Security and Tracking

Professional/Personal Use Video Imaging and Sighting Systems

     * Night Vision Products

     * Thermal Imaging Products

     * Weapons SightingSystems

Custom Design, Research, Development, Integration and Deployment



     CCTV (Camera System)

          * Integrated Commercial/Municipal IP Systems

          * Covert Surveillance Systems

          * Support, Replacement, and Upgrade Options for Analog Systems

          * Custom Configuration and Software Options

          * Professionally Recommended Home/Personal Camera Systems

     Burglar Alarm

          * Commercial Grade Alarm Systems

          * Wireless Options

          * Professionally Recommended DIY Home/Personal Options

     Access Control Systems

     Mass Notifications

     Active Shooter Prevention and Mitigation

          * Threat Assessments

          * Specialized Equipment and Software

               - Video Analytics

               - Shot Detection Systems (Indoor and Outdoor)

               - Building Lockdown and Mass Notification Integration

               - Phone and Emergency Response Alerts

          * Training

               - Electronic Systems Usage and Data Gathering

               - We Provide:

                    * CEPTED Assessments

                    * Run, Hide, Fight

                    * Stop The Bleed

     Body Cameras

          - Thermal and Night Vision

          - Video Analytics